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  • Dealing With Terror
  • A blog offering practical advice on how to discuss terrorism with students, either in response to a terrorist attack or as part of a wider SMSC curriculum.

  • Learning Journey Template
  • Template to show the learning journey your students will take.

  • Relationships and Context
  • Considering the links between positive relationships and shaping context within the classroom.

  • SMSC Putting the Pieces Together
  • A resource that summarises the key aspects of British Values, Prevent, PSHE and citizenship, linking them to the overarching SMSC umbrella. Also includes Ofsted definitions and outstanding grading criteria to support schools with SMSC tracking. In table form for clarity and ease of use.

  • SMSC Super Seven
  • A blog highlighting some fantastic free or low cost resources that will support schools with their SMSC delivery.

  • Using Mathematics to Support Whole School SMSC
  • A blog describing how maths can complement a whole school SMSC vision. Includes examples for each strand of SMSC.

  • Why I Give A Cit[izenship]
  • Thoughts on how a high quality citizenship education can improve political interest with young people