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All Primary Resources

  • Alphabet of Awesome
  • Two activities to encourage younger students to consider what makes them feel happy, safe, proud and loved. Extension activity also included. Great for getting to know new classes.

  • British Values Democracy Workbook
  • A printable workbook to encourage students to explore democracy. Great support for British Values.

  • British Values Law Workbook
  • A printable workbook to encourage students to explore UK law. Great support for British Values.

  • End of Year Reflection
  • resource to complete with your form/class at the end of an academic year. An opportunity to reflect, target set and celebrate.

  • Friendship
  • A visual resource to prompt discussion with younger students around the topic of friendship

  • How I Show Respect
  • A pastoral resource to encourage children to think about their behaviour and set personal targets.

  • Monday Morning Manifesto Primary
  • A resource that encourages students to think ahead to the coming week with positivity. Allows for action planning and encourages resilience.

  • My Lent Primary
  • Alternative Lent calendar where younger students can set personal challenges to help others, give things up and/or develop as a person

  • My PSHE Diary
  • A simple booklet for students to record what they have been studying in PSHE. Supports future planning.

  • Raise Me Up
  • A range of simple activities to raise students self esteem. Can be completed individually or as class activities.

  • Rights Bingo
  • A resource that allows students to reflect on their personal experience of Human Rights and compare these with the experiences of others.

  • Thinking about Risk
  • A visual resource that encourages student to think about risk across a variety of contexts and also the likelihood of risk and potential outcomes.

  • Values Poster
  • A visual resource describing British Values in a clear and simple way.